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OMSG Shot blasting and sandblasting machines stand out for reliability, robustness, careful choice of the best suppliers in the world in the supply of components, market leading technical development and expertise,  spare parts with an endurance exceeding the market standards.

For this reason,  OMSG group is recognized as the leading Italian company in the field of turbine blasting.

What we offer

OMSG     –     Officine Meccaniche San Giorgio SpA  offers a wide range of shot blasting machines solutions, through standard installations or special installations tailor-made to customer’s requirements,  in various application fields.

In the main office in Villa Cortese and in the secondary in Dairago (totally 40.000 m2) you can find:

  • Technical department, mechanical and electronic engineering, R&D

  • Mechanical, electrical, software assembly department
  • Warehouse and shipment
  • Second hand shot and sand blasting machine show-room

Explore the group

The range of our products is very large and covers several industries including: foundries of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, steel structural works, aluminum die- castings, forge, draw-plates, galvanizing treatment, hot and cold forming, particular in the oil & gas field, liquid and compressed gas cylinders, included also thermal treatments, Aluminum extrusions, marble and concrete, etc.
The shot blasting process is a surface treatment that has different purposes, depending on the application field:

  • surface preparation for further painting treatment
  • stripping of castings
  • desacling and rust removal for sheet metal, profiles, forgings, stamped parts, heat treated parts, wire and metal bars
  • shot peening of springs, leaf springs, gears
  • internal and external sandblasting of gas cylinders and pipes
  • stripping of metal products
  • bush hammering or satin finishing of marble, concrete or natural stone products
  • mold cleaning
In addition to the wide range of brand-new shot blasting machines, OMSG Group offers second hand blasting machines, overhauled and reconditioned by specialized technicians, at a very competitive prices.

All spare parts installed on the OMSG and CARLO BANFI shot blasting machines are manufactured according to OMSG know-how or come from the best worldwide manufacturers. (plc, motors, gearboxes, inverters, etc.).

All automatic OMSG-Officine Meccaniche San Giorgio SpA shot blasting machines are built in accordance with current Machine Law rules and CE marked. OMSG Group is the first Italian company, in the shot blasting machines field, to have a Quality System Certified in accordance with ISO 9001 and in accordance with BS OHSAS 18001 Workers’ Safety and Health Regulations
In June 2017, OMSG Group acquired the historic Italian company CARLO BANFI, an important brand in the field of shot blast and shot peening machines.

CARLO BANFI designs and manufactures automatic shot blasting and shot-peening machines from 1938. It is a well-known brand in the world, with more than 4,000 machines installed.

The group stands at the level of the Multinational company, consolidating its position in the worldwide field of surface treatment, and increasing its presence in commercial areas where CARLO BANFI is very popular.


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